April 19th is National Bicycle Day. We will not go into the history of WHY and HOW this National Day originated if you are curious use the magical tool called Google. It will give you the scoop.

We love to ride bikes, and in these days of social distancing, it is a great family activity to get out and enjoy nature and get some valuable Vitamin D. You can ride your bikes on the beach, along the river or just around your own neighborhood. It is a great way to get some exercise either alone or with the kids. Don’t have a bike? You can get one pretty inexpensively at any big box store or when our world goes back to normal there are a few local resources. I have two bikes at my house, I recommend Fox Firestone Bicycles if you are in New Smyrna Beach. I am curious what other bike shops you know and love so please share those with us in the comments or on our Facebook page.

There are also various places in town to rent bikes (during normal times), I would call first in our current situation. Salty Rentals, East Coast Bike and Beach Rentals and Beachside Candy are a few to note.

If you are interested in bike trails, check out TrailLink. You can search trails near you, most popular trails and learn all about the different trails, how long they are, where they go, all that jazz. It is a pretty interesting website.

Enjoy National Bicycle Day and have a safe week, Anything that can get us outside safely is a good thing!