If you are truly following the “Stay at Home” order you may be bored by now. I for one have been doing some long necessary home projects, cleaning and oh yes I am bored. So Misty and I were chatting and I said tell me ten things about you that I did not know. She did, then I did. So, whether you care or not here we go:

Misty went first!

1. Coming up with fun activities for fun with my kids (she does it for other kids too,) click here for more info.
2. I always carry around tea bags to have and to share with others.
3. Always willing to try new things.
4. When I’m in, I’m ALL in.
5. I can laugh at myself.
6. I enjoy having fun on special occasions/holidays with costumes/food/hosting parties.
7. I love anything that has to do with water(beach/pool/baths)
8. I love to knit
9. I am a vegetarian
10. I am afraid of frogs and lizards, yes I will scream and run.
(I may have fun with that later)

Roxanne (me)

1. I have five cats and two dogs (one is giant).
2. I love to travel.
3. Oysters are their own food group in my mind.
4. I work at the Edgewater Animal Shelter
5. I can laugh at myself. (we both do this a lot)
6. I like living alone. (I have 5 cats, am I really alone?)
7. I learned to paddleboard and it is almost my favorite thing to do!
8. I am learning to knit.
9. I am not a vegetarian, but my son and his girlfriend are.
10. I have a secret property in Oak Hill that I want to build a granny pod on.

So take a minute and see if you can come up with ten fun facts about you. It is actually kind of hard. This mindless activity brought to by a community blog that has no events to write about! More fun to come.