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Bikes & Baskets

Several years ago my very much loved beach cruiser was stolen out of my garage, my mother was stressed to the max that my Dad would fall off of his, he was starting to have balance problems. So she found the perfect solution, she gave his bike to me.  Fast forward 5 years, he is gone and she is in a nursing home and that bike it is still sitting in my garage. Flat tires, rusty…unrideable. Last week, my significant other(I hate the word boyfriend at my age) said, let’s get that bike fixed so you can ride with me. Today he took it to the bike shop on Canal Street. Fox Firestone Bikes, super nice people, they fixed my son’s bike a few months ago.

So he called me from the shop and told me it is fixable but maybe we get it fixed and trade it in on a new beach cruiser. I was silent. He noticed. I said I like it cause it is tall. Yea, ok he says, I am fixing it, how about we add a basket. So I recited the story of my new bike when I was nine. My Dad promised me a bike basket if I would not cry at the dentist office. (I HATED the dentist) I made it through that dentist visit and got a purple flowered bike basket. I am not sure why that popped in my mind today, but it did, and I cried on and off all afternoon.

There is absolutely no moral to the story, it is just a story. Carry on.

Go Mike.

Not sure if you have followed the incredibly ridiculous story of Brock Turner . He is the CONVICTED rapist who also happens to be an athlete at Stanford. Despite prosecutors recommending six years in jail, Judge Aaron Persky (also a Stanford athlete) gave Turner just six months behind bars because he felt “a prison sentence would have a severe of impact on him, and I don’t think he’ll be a danger to others.”  Wow, just wow. Then Turner’s father, who appears to be another real charmer,  wrote a letter (read it here)to Judge Aaron Persky before his son’s sentencing, whining that his son was no longer enjoying eating steak and his other favorite foods as a result of the case, and adding that the burden his son will bear from the trial is “a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life.” The father later stated his word’s were “misinterpreted” Go read it, not much to misinterpret there.

I am outraged for this girl who was assaulted, no I don’t care that she was out at a party drunk. It is not her fault.

I have a son. I am certain as I sit here typing this that my son would choose to help this girl get home or somewhere safe if he came across her, not choose the dark side. I have a daughter, I am ill that this is the world she is going to live in when she goes to college in one year. This girl was assaulted not only by Brock Turner, but again by his father Dan Turner and Judge Aaron Persky.

Mike Golic of ESPN’s Mike & Mike said it best. Give it a quick watch.    Mike Golic ESPN

Do You Rescue?


rescue 2 If you have ever read this blog you know I am a huge proponent of rescue. Adopt a dog, a cat or ten. I have four animals in my house that are rescued for one reason or another. Three from shelters one from a friend who had too many cats. The two idiot dogs in the photos above are my current mutts. One was a rescue reject had been returned to the shelter twice because he was out of control. He was “untrainable.” Guess what, I trained him, he is still a pain in the ass but he is trained an an awesome dog. The other was 2 days from being euthanized. My kind-hearted daughter dragged me 60 miles away to adopt her after seeing her on the Internet.

Things to remember if you choose to adopt a dog, they will not be perfect the minute you bring them home, They might have never been in a house, had regular food, a good place to sleep, the list is long. A shelter is a scary place, when you adopt a dog from a shelter, they were probably depressed, scared, living in a cage. Be patient. Don’t give up.

My big dog Boss ran away every time he saw a chance to get out the door, my son and his friend spent many days hunting him down. He drove us crazy. Three years later, we leave the door open and he looks at us, thinks about it and does not run. It takes time.

Every good relationship takes time. We adopted Kahlua, LuLu as we call her from the Orange County Animal Shelter. She appeared to have no personality, no one was going to adopt her. She was one of many dogs in a long row of cages. Something in her eyes spoke to us and we brought her home. After a few says with the Bossman it was clear she had a personality. She was truly the perfect rescue, perfectly trained and wonderful.That never happens, but sometimes it does.

So I have had both, the plug and play dog and the OMG Shoot me dog,…I love them both. I urge you to skip the pet store and the breeder and go for that not so pretty dog, that really I have to train you dog. That dog (or cat) that will really appreciate another chance, It may take some time and some love but it will be so worth it.

This Blog

This little blog has served many purposes over the last 8+ years. It has provided me a forum to promote local businesses, schools, local events, all sorts of things. I have never made money from this blog, that has never been what it was about.

This blog has been through marriage, divorce, death, old jobs, new jobs, happy times and sad. What it has never been is a target for someone to attack my children. In the past week, it is my understanding that my blog, my business, and one of my children have been attacked on several different Facebook pages. I have only seen these attacks because people who are horrified have sent me screenshots of them. In other words, cowards saying things with no threat of response, someone hiding behind their keyboard as people are so prone to do.

Quite frankly I do not care what people say about me, Most of it is not true and I am pretty tough. However, do not ever mess with my kids. I have gone to lengths that normal people would not to protect them from things that most of you cannot imagine.

My kids are fantastic, kind, considerate human beings. They care for animals, old people and put others before themselves on most all occasions. No rational human being, particularly a parent can think it is okay to attack a child. If you do, please unfollow me right this minute.

So I ask you, my readers and followers of the last 8+ years, when you see comments, statements and things that may be posted about me, or my children…look away. Better yet, speak up and say that is not okay. I have stood up for many things over the last several years, some popular, some not. I will always stand up for what I think is right.

Thanks for listening.

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