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People Pretty Much Suck

Since I have started at the Edgewater Animal Shelter I have seen both sides of people. Kind generous people, who give their time, money and hearts to animal rescue. There are people who see our facebook posts while they are in the grocery store and drop off 100 pounds of cat litter. A 13-year-old boy who gave up his first day of spring break and volunteered all day, he then came back today with his dad and adopted a dog. A high school senior who comes in every single day after school to play with the cats and help clean up.  The list of good people is long. I could never mention them all.

Then we have the not so nice people. Hell, to be honest, many people suck. This week our animal control officer brought in a dog, a big friendly male dog. This is a dog we have seen before on all the local lost dog pages. We even know his name we have seen him so much.  We have his owner’s phone number. So naturally, we called her to tell her we had her dog. We left a message. One of the local lost dog Facebook pages also called her, the person who answered said she was not missing a dog. Hmmmm.  Two days have passed and this sweet boy has moved from a cage in our laundry room to the regular kennels. Every time I passed by him yesterday he would get up and look, wag his tail.  Waiting for us to come and get him, waiting to go home.  I went to visit him today and he looked a little sadder, a little less hopeful, his tail wagged a little slower.  Tomorrow will be more of the same, I don’t think his owner is coming for him, and I think he is starting to figure it out. People Suck.

Godspeed Mr. Wall

Cuda Nation is a very sad place today. Most of us knew Robert Wall, many of us considered him a friend. I met him when my kids were in the Middle School.  He met my then very gangly daughter, who had very little self-confidence and told her she should play sports. Basketball he thought, she laughed at him and said no the uniforms are ugly, so he said how about Volleyball? Every time he saw her he encouraged her until she finally said ok, started working out with her brother and Coach Wood and never looked back.

I worked with Mr. Wall, as I called him,  he insisted on calling me Mrs. Hicks (drove me nuts) for several years.  I helped coordinate the activities of the baseball program as sort of a liaison between the athletic department, the coaches, the city, the parents. It was an interesting undertaking. We had many lively discussions and debates about many topics in his office, on the baseball field and in the gym. We often agreed to disagree but always left each other smiling.  I ended up monitoring and administering Cuda Nation’s social media for him, along with some other fun things.

I ran into Rob and his wife last week at Beef O’Brady’s and we hugged and chatted, he asked about my kids, checked in on Sammi and reminded me that he was rooting for her. I reminded him it was he who was responsible for her playing sports in the first place. I told him I would see him soon. Today, I am very glad I ran into him and we took the time to visit. Next time you see someone across a restaurant, I highly recommend making the time to say hello.

Some other things you may not know about Mr. Wall, he was probably one of the kindest people. Truly, truly kind people are few and far between. Rob Wall was one of those people. He would literally take money out of his pocket to help a  deserving student who needed help.

Before he left for his new adventure at Campbell Middle School he gave Tara Galloway, Dominick Amendolare and I an award for what he said was “a thank you for all you do for Cuda Nation.” Well, Mr. Wall, thank you for all you did for all of our kids, making them better students, better athletes but most importantly, better adults and better people.  Cuda Nation is shedding tears for you today and tomorrow but we will remember you with a smile.


Bikes & Baskets

Several years ago my very much loved beach cruiser was stolen out of my garage, my mother was stressed to the max that my Dad would fall off of his, he was starting to have balance problems. So she found the perfect solution, she gave his bike to me.  Fast forward 5 years, he is gone and she is in a nursing home and that bike it is still sitting in my garage. Flat tires, rusty…unrideable. Last week, my significant other(I hate the word boyfriend at my age) said, let’s get that bike fixed so you can ride with me. Today he took it to the bike shop on Canal Street. Fox Firestone Bikes, super nice people, they fixed my son’s bike a few months ago.

So he called me from the shop and told me it is fixable but maybe we get it fixed and trade it in on a new beach cruiser. I was silent. He noticed. I said I like it cause it is tall. Yea, ok he says, I am fixing it, how about we add a basket. So I recited the story of my new bike when I was nine. My Dad promised me a bike basket if I would not cry at the dentist office. (I HATED the dentist) I made it through that dentist visit and got a purple flowered bike basket. I am not sure why that popped in my mind today, but it did, and I cried on and off all afternoon.

There is absolutely no moral to the story, it is just a story. Carry on.

Go Mike.

Not sure if you have followed the incredibly ridiculous story of Brock Turner . He is the CONVICTED rapist who also happens to be an athlete at Stanford. Despite prosecutors recommending six years in jail, Judge Aaron Persky (also a Stanford athlete) gave Turner just six months behind bars because he felt “a prison sentence would have a severe of impact on him, and I don’t think he’ll be a danger to others.”  Wow, just wow. Then Turner’s father, who appears to be another real charmer,  wrote a letter (read it here)to Judge Aaron Persky before his son’s sentencing, whining that his son was no longer enjoying eating steak and his other favorite foods as a result of the case, and adding that the burden his son will bear from the trial is “a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life.” The father later stated his word’s were “misinterpreted” Go read it, not much to misinterpret there.

I am outraged for this girl who was assaulted, no I don’t care that she was out at a party drunk. It is not her fault.

I have a son. I am certain as I sit here typing this that my son would choose to help this girl get home or somewhere safe if he came across her, not choose the dark side. I have a daughter, I am ill that this is the world she is going to live in when she goes to college in one year. This girl was assaulted not only by Brock Turner, but again by his father Dan Turner and Judge Aaron Persky.

Mike Golic of ESPN’s Mike & Mike said it best. Give it a quick watch.    Mike Golic ESPN

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