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New Gig

It is not a secret that I am an animal lover,  the array of rescued pets that allow me to live with them attests to that. I was recently asked to help out at the Edgewater Animal Shelter. Helping out has morphed into becoming the Director of the joint.  If you are not familiar with the Edgewater Animal Shelter let me take a minute and fill you in. This shelter was at one time run by the city of Edgewater. In 2013, a local non-profit took over and it is now privately funded through donations and the never ending support of Dr. Ginger Bryant of Glencoe Veterinary Hospital.  In 2016 the shelter adopted out almost 200 cats and kittens, and 98 dogs and puppies. Currently, we are housing approximately 54 cats and 22 dogs. That number fluctuates daily based on owner surrenders and those that are picked up as strays, and of course, those that are adopted into loving families.

The shelter is “low-kill” which means that only animals that are sick and cannot be healed or are too aggressive to be adopted are euthanized (it is a very low number). We offer low-cost wellness services to the community on Wednesdays (stay tuned another day to be added soon). The list of wellness services offered can be found here.

As we rely solely on donations from the community, we are always in need of pet food and kitty litter. Our wish list can be found here.  Donations can be dropped off at the shelter or cash donations (which we love, our employees like to get paid) can be made securely via Paypal here.

I am hoping that many of my local business partners that I have met and worked with the last 9 years while writing this blog will step up now and help us out. We need things like a bench for out front, landscaping, pressure washing, tile steam cleaning, kitty litter (we always need kitty litter), gift cards to include in raffle baskets…the list is long.

There is nothing that we won’t take. One of our awesome volunteers takes things that she comes across and sells them on Swip Swap and donates the money to us. If they are broken her husband fixes them up. We also share the wealth, in the event we have too much pet food, we donate it to Sophie’s Circle, South East Volusia Humane Society and other rescue organizations in Volusia County. Extra sheets and towels go to the FROG Ministry in Edgewater. Nothing is ever wasted and it is all appreciated.

Speaking of volunteers, we need those too. People to do laundry, walk the dogs, play with the cats, attend adoption events, foster dogs, make phone calls, beg for donations, clean the shelter and more. That list is long too, and every minute you give, we appreciate.

Our hours are 10:00 am – 4:00 pm – Monday – Saturday. Please stop by and visit the animals, sign up to volunteer or drop off donations, we would love to see you.

Aldi is Open

I ventured out to the new Aldi on SR 44 this Saturday. I normally do not darken the door of a grocery store after 8:00 am on a Saturday in NSB but the curiosity was killing me. It was busy, really busy. It is new and everyone else is curious too, so I expected that. I have NEVER been in an Aldi. I read this article and decided to check it out for myself.  First, I was amazed by the NO carts in the parking lot. This is because you pay a quarter to get a cart. Then when you return it you get your quarter back.  A very nice lady in the parking lot offered me her cart so I skipped the give a quarter thing.

So my quick review is that their prices are great, on everything. I was primarily interested in the organic portion of the store. I was able to get frozen organic strawberries about half the cost of a normal grocery store. They also have an excellent selection of organic juices, lemonade, coconut and aloe water. The snack section also is good, non-GMO tortilla chips etc.  Organic coffee and peanut butter as well.  I did not see any dairy, eggs or meat that I had to have. Nothing jumped out at me as organic in that department. I don’t buy eggs or meat unless I know they are free range(not cage free). Grass fed milk, butter, meat etc. This is a personal preference and I understand that is not for everyone. If this is not a concern for you, then they had great prices on those items at Aldi.

I was very happy with the organic fruits and vegetable selection. This week they had Idaho potatoes, grapes, red peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes along with a few other items. Prices were less on these organic items than their regular non-organic counterparts at the big stores in town.

Be aware that similar to a BJ’s or similar warehouse store they do not bag your groceries, bring your own bags or grab some boxes they have about the store. Thre is a long counter in the front where you can bag up your stuff after checkout.

So, I would recommend Aldi for the price and some of the selection. Have you been there yet? What do you think?