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My friend and co-worker told me about Shipt. My life is forever changed.  Shipt is a grocery delivery service that picks up at Publix and ABC Liquors(YES, you read that right) and delivers to your house. It is super easy to sign up and order. You can pick your window for delivery, leave messages and notes for your delivery person and all kinds of cool stuff. The cost is either a $99 annual membership or customers can pay a $14 monthly fee. Customers get free shipping on orders over $35. Shipping costs for deliveries less than $35 are usually $7 per order.  You can order as much as you want. So I tried it, my shopper is Edith. She texted me they did not have one of my items, so I substituted, she texted me when she left the store so I would know she was on her way and could let out my idiot dogs. The app also lets you know when she arrives at your house which is great. Edith is super nice, loved my dogs (brought them treats) met my kids and was great! I am sure all the Shipt shoppers are equally as nice. Since I have been running my business and helping out at the Edgewater Animal Shelter my time has been limited and the people that live in my house have been starving. Those days are over, I am thrilled with the service.  Want to check it out? Click here and get $10.00 in free groceries if you sign up.

Empty Bowls

This Blog

This little blog has served many purposes over the last 8+ years. It has provided me a forum to promote local businesses, schools, local events, all sorts of things. I have never made money from this blog, that has never been what it was about.

This blog has been through marriage, divorce, death, old jobs, new jobs, happy times and sad. What it has never been is a target for someone to attack my children. In the past week, it is my understanding that my blog, my business, and one of my children have been attacked on several different Facebook pages. I have only seen these attacks because people who are horrified have sent me screenshots of them. In other words, cowards saying things with no threat of response, someone hiding behind their keyboard as people are so prone to do.

Quite frankly I do not care what people say about me, Most of it is not true and I am pretty tough. However, do not ever mess with my kids. I have gone to lengths that normal people would not to protect them from things that most of you cannot imagine.

My kids are fantastic, kind, considerate human beings. They care for animals, old people and put others before themselves on most all occasions. No rational human being, particularly a parent can think it is okay to attack a child. If you do, please unfollow me right this minute.

So I ask you, my readers and followers of the last 8+ years, when you see comments, statements and things that may be posted about me, or my children…look away. Better yet, speak up and say that is not okay. I have stood up for many things over the last several years, some popular, some not. I will always stand up for what I think is right.

Thanks for listening.

Goodbye to 2015

I did not love 2015, it was a tough year.  My Dad died, which is still hard to believe some days. My mother continues to deteriorate in a nursing home. I let go of some unhealthy relationships, and am much better off for that. There were high points, my son graduated from high school and went on to college. My business had a good year. Both of my children are healthy, responsible and kind human beings…I look forward to what 2016 will bring.

So on to that new year. I don’t do “resolutions” so I will call them suggestions. Some that we can all benefit from.

  1. Let go of guilt.
  2. Allow yourself to say No.
  3. Focus on what is important-what is important to me may not be important to you and that is ok.
  4. Realize there are some things we cannot control. Let it go.
  5. Say goodbye, leave the past in the past, that is where it belongs.
  6. Let grudges go. They take too much energy.
  7. Laugh…a lot. Laugh at yourself…even more.
  8. If something or someone is meant to be it will happen. Don’t force it. 
  9. Who cares what other people think. 
  10. You never really know what someone is going through, be kind as often as you can. 
  11. Spend more time hanging out with your dog (or cat) they are amazingly understanding and therapeutic. 

I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year!

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