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Easter Eggstravaganza

People Pretty Much Suck

Since I have started at the Edgewater Animal Shelter I have seen both sides of people. Kind generous people, who give their time, money and hearts to animal rescue. There are people who see our facebook posts while they are in the grocery store and drop off 100 pounds of cat litter. A 13-year-old boy who gave up his first day of spring break and volunteered all day, he then came back today with his dad and adopted a dog. A high school senior who comes in every single day after school to play with the cats and help clean up.  The list of good people is long. I could never mention them all.

Then we have the not so nice people. Hell, to be honest, many people suck. This week our animal control officer brought in a dog, a big friendly male dog. This is a dog we have seen before on all the local lost dog pages. We even know his name we have seen him so much.  We have his owner’s phone number. So naturally, we called her to tell her we had her dog. We left a message. One of the local lost dog Facebook pages also called her, the person who answered said she was not missing a dog. Hmmmm.  Two days have passed and this sweet boy has moved from a cage in our laundry room to the regular kennels. Every time I passed by him yesterday he would get up and look, wag his tail.  Waiting for us to come and get him, waiting to go home.  I went to visit him today and he looked a little sadder, a little less hopeful, his tail wagged a little slower.  Tomorrow will be more of the same, I don’t think his owner is coming for him, and I think he is starting to figure it out. People Suck.

Blue Mule Deli

Since I have been working at the Edgewater Animal Shelter a few days a week I have taken the opportunity to check out some local businesses that I would normally not frequent. This morning I hit the Blue Mule Deli & Cafe on Ridgewood. I went in for a cup of coffee and came out wth a freshly made breakfast sandwich and a salad for lunch.  The staff was super friendly, the coffee was good and they breakfast sandwich was made to order and delicious. They offer deli meats sliced to order, homemade desserts, salads and sides.  You can eat in their dining area or take it to go.  Their Greek Salad dressing is on the best I have ever had list.  They are worth checking out for sure.

The Blue Mule is located at the corner of Ridgewood and Park Avenue in Edgewater.

Edgewater Expo Photo Contest

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