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That Empty Room

It was the week. It was long and miserable. Hotter than the 7th circle of hell and we were loading a U-Haul. Actually, Curtis was loading the U-Haul with one of his friends.  I took my daughter to college this past weekend. My baby. She moved into her apartment and got ready to start the next chapter of her life. I am excited to see what she does. She took advantage of the dual enrollment program with Daytona State College. (which I highly recommend) so she is about half finished with her degree. I have heard arguments for and against dual enrollment. I had one kid who did it and one who didn’t. If I could do it over they would both do it.

On to the move. As we were leaving the driveway on Friday morning,  she in her car with me driving the truck, she said, in her normal tone. “Mom, don’t be that person,” I said, “what person?”

“That person who drives a U-Haul the speed limit in the left lane.” Yes, I will miss her. So I drove the U-Haul 75 in the left lane the whole way to St. Petersburg.  Did you know those trucks only got up to 75 mph? No, I didn’t either.

There were some big bumps along the way but we got her settled and off I went on Sunday night, headed for home, to that empty room. I mean totally empty, she took all her furniture and some of mine.  I had 3 hours in the car home to think about her whole life.  My overachiever.  She worked 2 jobs, went to college and high school and played high school sports. She would get an idea in her head and NO ONE could talk her out of it. I had to negotiate everything. I had many people tell me, you need to just tell her what to do. Yea, ok. I know my kid. She turned out fine, doing it her own way.

We moved to NSB when she was in the 3rd grade.  In the evenings we would sometimes walk on the beach, one night she was picking up shells, I said to her, “Sam those are broken,” she looked at me like I was crazy, and said. “Mommy, just because something is broken does not mean it is not beautiful.” Thank you, child, lesson learned.  She may not remember that night but I will never forget it. So far she has lived her life that way and I hope she continues to do so.

People say to me, you did a great job raising her by yourself. Let’s be clear on that one. I did not raise her by myself, a village of friends and a few family members helped along the way. Tammy Merrick, Kathy Stanford, Sandra Sovinski, Dom Amendolare, Laura Cloer, Snap Wood, Uncle Rick, her grandparents and probably a few I have forgotten.  I am eternally grateful to all of them for their help and guidance along the way.

The future is now up to her, I am only here to advise (although she did call me yesterday to see where the Publix Lemonade was in her new store). As she starts her new life I am sure of one thing, she knows how much I love her.


  1. How, how, how does it happen so fast? And yes, there is beauty in the brokenness of life. Hugs, Roxanne!

  2. Margaret Michelbrink

    July 20, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    Such a heartfelt post. All the best to the both of you!

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