This is the first Mother’s Day without my mother. My mother rocked. She was the best, always put everyone else first. She wasn’t the same mother over the past 4 years. She had a stroke in 2013 and was confined to a wheelchair, needed 24-hour care and was in constant pain. I saw many glimpses of my mother, she never lost her sense of humor and adored her grandchildren. In September of last year, she began having heart problems, this combined with her constant pain made her decide to enter Hospice and basically end her life. Hospice in Edgewater is fantastic by the way.

Before she had her stroke, I spoke to her every day, she lived a few miles away and we saw her frequently. My children visited with her and my Dad, spending the night often, just hanging out with them. My daughter would make my Dad popcorn and watch the Western Channel with him on the weekends. She is a better person that I am, that Western Channel…um no.

I remember when my Mother would laugh at me when I would see a misbehaving child and I would say, “my kids will never do that” or my friends with kids were driving them all over the world for sports and stuff. I said, “I am never doing that”. Guess what. They did that, and I did that.  My kids are 17 and 19 now, I don’t have to drive them anywhere, I am done watching sports, checking homework, doing their laundry, I still worry about them misbehaving, but now that does not include them throwing themselves on the floor in a restaurant. There are bigger things to worry about.

My mother used to tell me, the bigger they get the bigger the things are to worry about. Now I get it.  If you are lucky enough to have your mother around this year, give her a call, go visit her if you can. It will mean so much. Last year on Mother’s Day I was in NYC and did not see my mother, my super awesome kids, and my brother handled the mother’s day thing.  This year we will remember her and hope that what they say is true, every passing year gets easier.

Happy Mother’s Day.