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My friend and co-worker told me about Shipt. My life is forever changed.  Shipt is a grocery delivery service that picks up at Publix and ABC Liquors(YES, you read that right) and delivers to your house. It is super easy to sign up and order. You can pick your window for delivery, leave messages and notes for your delivery person and all kinds of cool stuff. The cost is either a $99 annual membership or customers can pay a $14 monthly fee. Customers get free shipping on orders over $35. Shipping costs for deliveries less than $35 are usually $7 per order.  You can order as much as you want. So I tried it, my shopper is Edith. She texted me they did not have one of my items, so I substituted, she texted me when she left the store so I would know she was on her way and could let out my idiot dogs. The app also lets you know when she arrives at your house which is great. Edith is super nice, loved my dogs (brought them treats) met my kids and was great! I am sure all the Shipt shoppers are equally as nice. Since I have been running my business and helping out at the Edgewater Animal Shelter my time has been limited and the people that live in my house have been starving. Those days are over, I am thrilled with the service.  Want to check it out? Click here and get $10.00 in free groceries if you sign up.

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  1. Roxanne thank you ❤ I was thrilled to deliver for you and your beautiful family. Hope everyone is feeling better. Hugs from your Shipt Shopoer Edith

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