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Godspeed Mr. Wall

Cuda Nation is a very sad place today. Most of us knew Robert Wall, many of us considered him a friend. I met him when my kids were in the Middle School.  He met my then very gangly daughter, who had very little self-confidence and told her she should play sports. Basketball he thought, she laughed at him and said no the uniforms are ugly, so he said how about Volleyball? Every time he saw her he encouraged her until she finally said ok, started working out with her brother and Coach Wood and never looked back.

I worked with Mr. Wall, as I called him,  he insisted on calling me Mrs. Hicks (drove me nuts) for several years.  I helped coordinate the activities of the baseball program as sort of a liaison between the athletic department, the coaches, the city, the parents. It was an interesting undertaking. We had many lively discussions and debates about many topics in his office, on the baseball field and in the gym. We often agreed to disagree but always left each other smiling.  I ended up monitoring and administering Cuda Nation’s social media for him, along with some other fun things.

I ran into Rob and his wife last week at Beef O’Brady’s and we hugged and chatted, he asked about my kids, checked in on Sammi and reminded me that he was rooting for her. I reminded him it was he who was responsible for her playing sports in the first place. I told him I would see him soon. Today, I am very glad I ran into him and we took the time to visit. Next time you see someone across a restaurant, I highly recommend making the time to say hello.

Some other things you may not know about Mr. Wall, he was probably one of the kindest people. Truly, truly kind people are few and far between. Rob Wall was one of those people. He would literally take money out of his pocket to help a  deserving student who needed help.

Before he left for his new adventure at Campbell Middle School he gave Tara Galloway, Dominick Amendolare and I an award for what he said was “a thank you for all you do for Cuda Nation.” Well, Mr. Wall, thank you for all you did for all of our kids, making them better students, better athletes but most importantly, better adults and better people.  Cuda Nation is shedding tears for you today and tomorrow but we will remember you with a smile.



  1. agreed… Hug ur kids be kind to ur neighbor hand up instead of hand out… I did not know this man but after reading the article I am certain the community is a lesser place because he is not with us and that is sad. My thoughts and prayers for his family

    • He was amazing, When he served as interim principal he took it upon himself to not only do a ton of things to make my brothers schooling better because he was blind but he also made sure i wasnt going to get beat up everyday after school anymore when it had been going on for years (carrying over from my previous school) and he installed camera’s and came down like a hammer of justice for me. not many teachers had ever stuck up for me or my brother, he was so special a person, there are no words. RIP mr. wall, a man who may have saved my life by making it a bit more tolerable.

  2. Rob Wall was a friend and fellow teacher at New Smyrna Beach Middle school. He was a great help with my Relay for Life fundraising. He encouraged all the students to do their best in and out of school. He was indeed a wonderful coach, helping in recruiting girls for our first basketball team and pushing them to improve in their school work so they could stay on the team. He was a positive spirit. I will miss him.

  3. He was my middle school
    Teacher on team bob. What a wonderful kind person. My mom waited tables with him at beef o Brady’s. He was a great teacher and a wonderful person. Thank you mr.wall for shaping so many students like myself. I’m grateful for having you as my teacher ❤️

  4. Mr. Wall (Rob) is someone that touched my life and touched the lives of both of my children. I will always have a smile on my face while thinking of him.

  5. My heart is saddened at the news of Rob Wall’s passing. I had the please of not only going to school with him but spending a few years working along side him as an Asst. Volleyball Coach at NSB High. He had a big heart. There are few as genuine as Rob. We had many conversations throughtout the years and one thing we always agreed on was we both wanted what was best for the kids. Many prayers to his family, he will be missed by many.

  6. Ok so this article explains nothing. What happened to Mr. Wall?

  7. I met Rob Wall close to 20 years ago. Through thick and thin Rob stayed strong. My wife and I are so sad.

  8. He was and always will be a great friend, I still don’t believe it’s real my heart goes out to his family and friends

  9. Nice to recognize the accomplishments of a gentleman who cared about family and community…

  10. Karessa Chastain Williams

    September 7, 2016 at 12:00 am

    Mr. Wall was my teacher on team Bob also. Remember his purple low rider? ? He was such a good guy. My husband Bobby Williams and I ran into him about e years ago. He was still just as funny and nice as he was when we were his students. Such an amazing guy. Prayers to his family. ?

  11. Glad to have known him he was a great teacher, mentor and friend…..i looked forward to seeing him in Gator country as i called it….he had his classroom full of gator stuff…he was also one of the many teachers who pushed me to become the man i am today

  12. I’ve always said that Mr. Wall was the first teacher that ever pulled me aside and expected greatness out of me. He pushed me into SGA and said he thought I could make a difference. When I got my heart broken by my first real girlfriend, he taught me to shake it off and explained that it was ok to be a little pissed off. ? I always thought I would have the time to look him up down the road and write him a thank you note. Rest in peace, Mr. Wall….

  13. Im sad to read this article. Mr wall was my 7th grade social studies teacher at NSBMS. We had class in a portable…was miserable but he was always smiling no matter what crap i gave him that day. I remember him tearing his achilles tendon that year playing basketball and he had to be in a wheel chair. It seemed his smile was bigger even when he was in a wheelchair. Having Christ in my life now i have come to realize he may have known Christ as well as kind as he was. Mr Wall you will be missed.
    Jamie kiep

  14. Oh my …. I am honestly in tears. Mr. Wall was such a kind soul. He was my teacher in middle school. I believe if was only of his first of not his first year of teaching and he so funny, kind and just a warm person. I saw his face on this article and it brought a smile to my face. Even many years later-and quite a few more gray hairs I still see that warm smile. Children have surely lost an amazing teacher and mentor.

  15. Kelli Wellman Ganiban

    September 7, 2016 at 12:50 pm

    My first meet Rob on my first day of orientation as a sophomore at NSBHS. We were going around looking at different clubs/activities to join. He was at the band table handing out pamphlets with Mike Oullette. I can remember his friendly outgoingness and a strong sense of Cuda pride. This was his senior year. Needless to say, I joined band and yes. I went to band camp. We became fast friends and made many fun memories that year in the band room and on the football field.. I always think of him and smile. He was a true Cuda through and through. He was at NSBMS and NSBHS when my children attended. So glad they had ajim as a great mentor. He will be sorely missed by our NSB Cuda commmunity.

  16. A TRULY REMARKABLE HUMAN BEING! HE touched SOOOO MANY LIVES! One of thee most strongest, caring & dedicated men I have ever met,,Healing energies in thee air for his immediate family and to his “Huge School Family” ,,R.I.P. Mr Wall,,,THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!

  17. Margaret Michelbrink

    September 8, 2016 at 9:27 am

    Yours is a beautiful tribute to Mr. Wall. Rob was such a good person and so many students received the same sincere and caring direction he showed your daughter. He had a special gift. He was “That Teacher”. My thoughts and prayers to all his family, friends and students.

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