I ventured out to the new Aldi on SR 44 this Saturday. I normally do not darken the door of a grocery store after 8:00 am on a Saturday in NSB but the curiosity was killing me. It was busy, really busy. It is new and everyone else is curious too, so I expected that. I have NEVER been in an Aldi. I read this article and decided to check it out for myself.  First, I was amazed by the NO carts in the parking lot. This is because you pay a quarter to get a cart. Then when you return it you get your quarter back.  A very nice lady in the parking lot offered me her cart so I skipped the give a quarter thing.

So my quick review is that their prices are great, on everything. I was primarily interested in the organic portion of the store. I was able to get frozen organic strawberries about half the cost of a normal grocery store. They also have an excellent selection of organic juices, lemonade, coconut and aloe water. The snack section also is good, non-GMO tortilla chips etc.  Organic coffee and peanut butter as well.  I did not see any dairy, eggs or meat that I had to have. Nothing jumped out at me as organic in that department. I don’t buy eggs or meat unless I know they are free range(not cage free). Grass fed milk, butter, meat etc. This is a personal preference and I understand that is not for everyone. If this is not a concern for you, then they had great prices on those items at Aldi.

I was very happy with the organic fruits and vegetable selection. This week they had Idaho potatoes, grapes, red peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes along with a few other items. Prices were less on these organic items than their regular non-organic counterparts at the big stores in town.

Be aware that similar to a BJ’s or similar warehouse store they do not bag your groceries, bring your own bags or grab some boxes they have about the store. Thre is a long counter in the front where you can bag up your stuff after checkout.

So, I would recommend Aldi for the price and some of the selection. Have you been there yet? What do you think?