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Every Kid in a Park

Do you have a child in the 4th grade? If you do your family can take advantage of the Every Kid in a Park program.  It is easy, register your family and get the pass. The pass will get your entire family into national parks for free, for the whole year! Passes for this school year will be available starting September 1, 2016. Click here to register and get your pass. 

Here is a list of all the National Parks.

Here is a list of all the Florida National Parks  

Get out there and enjoy!



Aldi is Open

I ventured out to the new Aldi on SR 44 this Saturday. I normally do not darken the door of a grocery store after 8:00 am on a Saturday in NSB but the curiosity was killing me. It was busy, really busy. It is new and everyone else is curious too, so I expected that. I have NEVER been in an Aldi. I read this article and decided to check it out for myself.  First, I was amazed by the NO carts in the parking lot. This is because you pay a quarter to get a cart. Then when you return it you get your quarter back.  A very nice lady in the parking lot offered me her cart so I skipped the give a quarter thing.

So my quick review is that their prices are great, on everything. I was primarily interested in the organic portion of the store. I was able to get frozen organic strawberries about half the cost of a normal grocery store. They also have an excellent selection of organic juices, lemonade, coconut and aloe water. The snack section also is good, non-GMO tortilla chips etc.  Organic coffee and peanut butter as well.  I did not see any dairy, eggs or meat that I had to have. Nothing jumped out at me as organic in that department. I don’t buy eggs or meat unless I know they are free range(not cage free). Grass fed milk, butter, meat etc. This is a personal preference and I understand that is not for everyone. If this is not a concern for you, then they had great prices on those items at Aldi.

I was very happy with the organic fruits and vegetable selection. This week they had Idaho potatoes, grapes, red peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes along with a few other items. Prices were less on these organic items than their regular non-organic counterparts at the big stores in town.

Be aware that similar to a BJ’s or similar warehouse store they do not bag your groceries, bring your own bags or grab some boxes they have about the store. Thre is a long counter in the front where you can bag up your stuff after checkout.

So, I would recommend Aldi for the price and some of the selection. Have you been there yet? What do you think?


Coastal Integrative Healthcare is Hiring!

Busy doctor’s office seeking energetic, reliable assistant to supervise exercise, home care instructions, and assist with a variety of interventions related to the patient’s care program. Must desire to work in a therapeutic and treatment-oriented environment. Must be able to work with minimal supervision and carry out doctor’s orders for the patient. Full-time hours but you MUST like working with people and be ready to ROCK! The right guy or gal will be athletic or health oriented, desire above average income, and have FUN doing it. World’s best training provided (by us of course). Reply with your resume and “No need to look further” in the subject line.

Send emails to

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